Deliver Talks that Make a Difference

For professionals, the ability to deliver high-impact, memorable presentations is fast becoming a necessity. With your clients, colleagues and boss all suffering from information overload and having divided attention, if you want to sell more, get promoted, or even just inspire people, you need to know how to create presentations that work.

Written by an international award winning speaker [Best Speaker (Interpreting), Community Choice awards, 2016] and experienced conference interpreter, this four part video & audio course, gives you all the building blocks you need to do just that. From selecting and arranging content around a key message, to structuring your ideas for better impact, all the way through to connecting with your audience and using creativity to wow them, this course will equip you with the tools you need.

Based on my own practice as a speaker at academic and professional conferences, networking events, workshops and churches since I was just 13 and almost a decade of experience as a conference interpreter, it takes the lessons that it took me years of hard work and coaching to learn and puts them in one place. It is especially suitable for:

  • Busy professionals such as PAs and event managers,
  • Business owners who want to improve their elevator pitches and product presentations,
  • PhD students and other academics who want their research to shine,
  • Interpreters, translators and writers who want to understand more about how great talks function and deliver talks like that themselves,
  • People who would love to speak in public but have struggled with fear or nerves.

Praise for this course:

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Building Block 1 - Content

    • Video - Building Block 1: Content

    • Podcast - Building Block 1: Content

    • Public Speaking Building Blocks - Content FAQs

    • Worked Example 1

  • 3

    Building Block 2 - Communication

    • Video - Building Block 2: Communication

    • Podcast - Building Block 2: Communication

    • Public Speaking Building Blocks - Communication FAQs

    • Worked Example 2

  • 4

    Building Block 3 - Connection

    • Video - Building Block 3 - Connection

    • Podcast - Building Block 3: Connection

    • Public Speaking Building Blocks - Connection FAQs

    • Worked Example 3

  • 5

    Building Block 4 - Creativity

    • Video - Building Block 4 - Creativity

    • Podcast - Building Block 4: Creativity

    • Public Speaking Building Blocks - Creativity FAQs

    • Worked Example 4

  • 6


    • Putting it all Together

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